A Short Review on Isn’t It Romantic- Rebel Wilson taking on rom-com

Short Review on Isn’t It Romantic- Rebel Wilson taking on rom-com
Warning: contains mild spoilers for those who haven’t yet seen the film!
Isn’t It Romantic is a Netflix global smash, and it was a valentine release in cinema in the US – 13th February and on Netflix worldwide on the 28th February. It takes on a rom-com genre with a fun twist and delivers much fun, romance and curiosity. The lead character Natalie Stars (Rebel Wilson) who is an Aussie Cynical architect and is passionate about her work in New York. Since a very young age, Natalia was indoctrinated by her mom (Jennifer Saunders) not to believe in the promises of Hollywood fantasies. Suddenly, everything changes when Natalie gets knocked out and renders her unconscious and once awake, she finds that she’s living a real-life rom-com and all the clichés come alive. Natalie is desperate to get out of her worst nightmare, and her task is to figure out the life lesson she needs to learn to return to her normal life.


One highlight of the film were the cast who truly sold themselves and showed a great representation of the character they play, including Priyanka Chopra as (Isabella) and Liam Hemsworth as (Blake). Also, specifically Wilson because she was such a natural in her role be it a hilarious scene or a more sentimental part, she engaged well with the audience and delivered a well-suited character. Also, the film shows the young audience the importance of body-positive and being confident with yourself, which is lacked in today’s society. Ultimately, the film ends with a song and dance montage to the song of Whitney Houston: I wanna dance with somebody; it brings all the casts together in one framework with a happy ending. However, lead actress Rebel Wilson faced many backlash after tweeting a post saying ‘I’m proud to be the first-ever plus sized girl to be the star of a rom-com film.’ since she held a public apology and mentioned that her intentions were not to hurt anyone or neglect to acknowledge other plus-sized actresses who climbed the mountain before her.

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