Avengers: Endgame review with spoilers and few small details you might have missed!

Marvel’s biggest film ever Avengers: Endgame, is already the Highest-Grossing-Film of the year speeding to a staggering $1.2 billion first weekend take. Ultimately, Endgame is the culmination of 22 films, and throughout the film, there were a ton of direct references and callbacks to previous Marvel films. It has been said that Endgame is one of the three top best Marvel films which, we could all agree on.

The three hour and two-minute film have people outraged in a dilemma to pee or not to pee. Endgame is probably one of Marvel Cinematic universe’s longest film, and at least they could have put an interval halfway through the film. In the 1950s and 60s intervals were a common feature of the cinema experience. Either you need a super strong bladder to last till the end or monitor your fluid intake; nonetheless, the film will be worth it.

Marvel fans have long loved Tony Stark’s take on the iconic superhero Iron Man and were heartbroken for his self-sacrifice at the end of the film. I remember my friend crying her eyes out for this particular scene. It all happened in the final big battle when all the superheroes came together to defeat Thanos and his ruthless army; Tony made the supreme sacrifice after taking back the Infinity Stones from Thanos and snapping them in his own gauntlet. When Tony uses the Infinity Stones to fade Thanos and his army to dust, he brought the world back to normal. Since the radiation was too much and was struggling to hold on, his wife wills herself to smile and tells his dying husband “You can rest.” Ultimately, Tony’s final words were “I am Iron Man” a perfect callback to the end of the first Iron Man when he revealed himself as Iron Man and said, “Truth is, I am Iron Man.” However, it was predictable that Tony’s sacrifice was the only way to defeat Thanos. In the previous Marvel film: Infinity war, Doctor Strange foreshowed 14 million scenarios of the future conflict, but only one way to beat Thanos and that was Tony’s sacrifice. Therefore, Doctor Strange stopped Thanos from killing Tony, by giving one of the Stone’s to Thanos in the Avengers Infinity.

Another heart-breaking callback was the talk between Happy Hogan and Morgan after her father’s funeral, When Happy asks Morgan what she’d like to eat, and just like her father she asks for “cheeseburger,” and Happy smiled, saying “your dad liked cheeseburgers, too.” That was a reference made from one of the Marvel Iron Man films and exactly what Tony demanded after his rescue from Afghanistan.

Last but not least, an important detail you might not have realized was the moment Thor’s Mjolnir flies into Captain America’s hand, and Thor yells “I knew it.” Which, is referring to an early scene from 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. Thor gives the rest of the team consent to lift his hammer. While the rest of the team tries and fails to raise the Mjolnir, Steve Rogers proves worthy and wields the hammer.   Eventually, everything wrapped up neatly, and it was a satisfying end to the series. However, we were all shocked as to how small of a role Captain Marvel played.  Some of the enthusiasm by the audience were around Captain Marvel’s saviour entry point and one of the lead to take down Thanos. So, what was your take on the film? Let me know in the comments – I want to hear from you guys.

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