Enjoy Switzerland on budget!

When it comes to Switzerland my heart fills with joy and love for its shimmering lakes, mesmerising mountains, and absolutely friendly people! Every time I have visited Switzerland, I have enjoyed every moment of it and met some wonderful people there. Yes, it can be very costly for budget travellers, but in my experience true lovers of beautiful sceneries should really save some money for visiting this country! However, there are certain ways where you can save money when visiting Switzerland and also have lots fun!

1)      Free public transport

In Switzerland, most hostels provide their visitors free transport pass as a complimentary gift for you to use in a defined zone. For example, hostels in Zurich, Bern, Genova do that and in other locations, you can find out by contacting their hostel’s reception. If you are definitely going to use public transport to travel from one place to another, then it is essential to go for this pass. It will be a huge money saver!

2)      Register for an ISIC

International students travelling around Europe can save up to 20 – 50% on tourist attractions or purchasing certain things in Switzerland!  You can simply visit to register one for yourself. Trust me people have givens lots of positive feedbacks on this card.

3)      Instead of train use BlaBlaCar

Also another way to spend less money on transportation, specially to long destinations, can be achieved through BlaBlaCar.  Simply visit the BlaBlaCar website (  and find people who travels to same destination as yours and share ride with them at a much cheaper price!

4)      Book accommodations directly with the hostel in the location you are visiting.

An amazing thing I have learnt from travelling to Switzerland is to pre-book hostels directly without agencies. If you want to save 10 to 20% money on hostels or hotels, then I would recommend you to book room by directly contacting the hostel or hotel provider in the location you would like to visit. Booking through online agencies will charge you extra. And the good thing about directly contacting hostel or hotel receptions, is that you can also find out more details from their staff members and they are more than happy to help you. If you are not sure how to find private hostels or hotels, simply get their name from and search the hostel or hotel’s website on google. This way you can also visit to their own website and as well as find their own contact details.


5)      Join free activities

Summer visit to Switzerland can be a lot more expensive, so the best ways to save money during this time  is to do free activities, such walking tour in different cities or mountains, visit free wildlife parks in Zurich, Arau, Winterthur or Interlaken. If you a big fan of architectures and historical places, then you can check out Switzerland’s beautiful old towns, churches and free museums. For example, recently I visited Saanen town and found out that lots of Bollywood films like ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le jayenge’ were shot. A Saanen bridge (now known as DDLJ Bridge) is so popular amongst Indian tourists.

In summer, another cool and free thing you can do is to hike the mountains to explore the picturesque views, head out to Schaffhausen and the rhine falls to see the Europe largest water fall! To cool yourself down, you can take a dip in a lake!

6)      Top booking resources

When booking your flight or a hostel in Switzerland, you can find best tickets in one these online booking websites:


7)      Manage your budget and travel before hand

As a travelling enthusiast, an important lesson I have learnt is to organise your travel in advance to save time, money and also have fun! For example, plan your trip in advance and get the cheapest rail pass, research about the places in as much detail as possible, shop with cheaper supermarkets like Aldi and in Switzerland you can find tap water in almost everywhere. Fill your bottle with these tap water, instead of buying from shops.

In as I mentioned that Switzerland is one of the most popular places for tourists from across the world, it also can be expensive without doing some research before visiting it. The tips I have given in here are absolutely useful and tailored specifically to people wanting to visit Switzerland on budget. And also stay tune, as I am going to post few more amazing blogs on about Switzerland!

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