7 amazing things to do in london

When it comes to the big cities, like London, the one images in mind is how busy they are. London is one of the busiest cities in the UK according to my experience, especially in the central region. This city has a lot offer to people who have never visited London and are wanting to do so. Here I will mention the top 7 amazing stuff that you can do free or at low price in London.


  1. Visiting the Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum is so popular in London and here you learn about some of the worlds historical specimens such as 80 million plant, animal, fossil, rock and minerals.

2. Visit the plants at the Sky Garden

This location is open to public and it is three storeys of lush landscaped gardens on the thirty floor skyscraper. The building is located on Fenchurch Street at the central region. This location will a great Instagram post for your, as you will get one of the most spectacular views in London. If you get hungry or needed to drink something, there are two restaurants  and bars. The entry is free but you have to book it online in advance. A good for you would to visit it in the early morning when at around 6:00am, as you will get an amazing view with the sunrise!

3. In Summer time feel free to swim in Hamstead Heath Ponds.

Now if you are fond of swimming in open ponds. This is where you can try and with great safety, because the water is deep. The good thing is that pond has a life guard for safety reason. The surround of the place is so beautiful and charming that even if you don’t swim, you will enjoy chilling there anyways.

4.  explore human history, art and culture at Decipher the Rosetta Stone at The british museum

British Museum is one of the most popular museum in the UK that is dedicated to human history, culture and art.  This Museum is in the Bloomsbury area of London. Here can discover a lot about the history of humanity from ancient times. A simple example would be finding how all the months were named.

5. Visit theShard 95 Storey Skyscraper

The Shard London is the tallest building in the Western Europe with a futuristic architecture. With magnificent views, you will get bars and restaurants. This amazing designed by an Italian architect Renzi Piano, whose design resemble a jagged glass sculpture rising from the river. The building initiated in March 2009 and got finished in November 2012.

6. If you are Nature-ist Wonder around the Barbican Conservatory at Barbican London

Barbican Conversatory is a large greenhouse inside the performing arts and exhibition centre.  Here you can explore tropical plants in a giant greenhouse and around 2,000 species of tropical plantlife. For more information or finding events you can visit their website.

7.  Enjoy Movie Marathon at Prince Charles Cinema

It is a repertory cinema located in Leister Place, close by Leister Square in the West End of London. You can watch cult, arthouse and classic films here.

To conclude I would say that London is one of the great cities in the UK, with its fantastic and vibrant vibe. You enjoy there day and night and free or with some budge. Always before visiting the city to check this website.



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