How to enjoy Melbourne free!

I visited Melbourne for 3 weeks for the very first time from UK. The journey was 24 hours with a stop in Dubai. The bonus thing was that I got to see a glimpse of Dubai as well for 3 hours. Because I am from an Asian background, so I am used to extreme hot weathers. Similarly, i got used to the hot weather of Dubai and wondered at the Airport until I departed direct to Melbourne. When I arrived at Melbourne, i was so jet lagged that I could not clearly here things until I took some rest at my hotel.

It’s morning and I am preparing to go for breakfast somewhere cool outside! The staffs are so friendly and supportive – so I did not worry much about asking for directions.  I am walking through the town centre and completely enjoying the sceneries, large skyscrapers, and modern buildings at Little Bourke Street. I am trying to head to the Patricia Coffee Shop to get ‘world’s best cup of coffee!’ – Do visit here, if you are fan of coffee. I had one of the best breakfasts on my first day in Melbourne!

Not only this, there are lots of stuff to do and experience for tourists or lovers of Melbourne. As I am fond of shopping or looking for new stuff where ever I travel, so I went to one of the world class shopping centres of Melbourne. It was just at the Chapel Street, and this is where celebrities do their shopping, you just have to be super alert to recognise them!

Crown Casino (situated just adjacent to the Yarra River) is one of the popular nights out place at Melbourne, and you can enjoy a variety of entertainments, from music to gambling. So, for the sake of its popularity I went there one night to just wonder around the building. I enjoyed one good concert there, performed by two talented singers. I would recommend you to go there, even if you don’t want to spend money because the entry is totally free except some areas.

One night there was an event in Queen Victoria Market, it is major landmark in Melbourne. There were foods from almost all parts of the worlds with music and some other entertaining shows. I had wonderful 3 to 4 hours there and met some great people as well. This is one of the good thing about travelling, is you find of great people. In Melbourne I was exploring a lot there, from taking river cruise to joining festivals in the city. All of things I enjoyed there was with the help of visit melbourne team. As a tourist this is the place, you need to get in touch with to find information about Melbourne!

In my experience, Melbourne is one of the most lively cities in Austrialia with tourists coming from all parts of the world. If you are thinking of going to Australia, I would recommend you to visit this beautiful city as well.

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