Best of Bamiyan, Afghnistan – the City of love and culture!


Bamiyan is one of the beautiful places of Afghanistan and their people are so warm and welcome. They welcome everyone with an open heart and in summer ‘dogh’ (yogurt drink). Dogh is so popular, as this is the only organic drink that keeps them fresh during the mid-summer time. Off course there are very beautiful sceneries to enjoy, including the Band-e-Amir lake and its national parks. The water is crystal clear and if you are a good swimmer you can definitely take a dip there.

Since it recently developed after the war and Taliban destroying the great Bamiyan buddha, there some issues; for example, some time there is no electricity and luck of good transport systems. The fundamental things are taken care of like resorts, hotels, hostel tourist guides and transport from one to another city safely, etc. There international people travelling to Bamyan for skiing and in summer to enjoy its mesmerising national park and other historical places.

If you are ever thinking of travelling to Bamyan, it is for sure a fantastic place to have teste of different culture and tradition and learn about the history of silk road, Persian era, Bamyan itself. For photographers, it’s a great place to capture some iconic images of a part of the world.

There are many resources, where you can research before travelling, but some of the most helpful ones are: TripAdvisor and Bamyan Ski Club

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